Aug 24, 2007

Results and News

We just got back from the beach and Archie flew out to MN to be in his Brother's wedding. We had a GREAT time except for the day spent at Urgent Care, the ER and then an Oral Surgeons office. Gavin jumped in the pool at the hotel and bit his tongue BAD! I've never seen so much blood. Both the Urgent Care Dr and the ER Dr would not stitch him up. They thought that he would need to be put under, BUT the Oral Surgeon was AWESOME and numbed him up and stitched him 8 times. Gavin was a TROOPER!! They stuck a needle in his tongue 6 FREAKING times and the kid did not flinch! We're home now and he is doing great.

The Nurse from the Perinatologist's office called while we were away and said that all is well with the bean. He/she is not at an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalities. YEAH!

Silas starts school on Monday and has his first football game tomorrow.

Oh...Amelia finally has a tooth and said her first word...DADA!!!

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