Jul 30, 2008

More Randomness

Amelia can read now.

Why do Pampers size 3 and 4s look EXACTLY alike?
Reminder: E-mail Pampers and complain.

Masking tape is my friend...

It's what keeps my daughter's diapers on now that she's learned how to take them off. Quit laughing...it's not funny...not only does she take them off, she tears them to shreds!

Tucker is turning into quite the romantic. He grabs your face and pulls you in for a big old, wet sloppy kiss. LOVE IT!

Archie got the DirecTV line fixed; the dog will live.

My books are due back to the library tomorrow (you care...right?).

Tucker does not like sweet potatoes, but adores squash!

Gavin and Silas both start school in 26 short days...total mixed feelings on that one.

Peanut butter really does work to get chewing gum out of hair (don't ask!)

I'm thinking about making Tucker's baby food...I'll keep you posted on how THAT goes!


Catey said...

you're nice to use masking tape-we just always defaulted straight to duct tape! lol Oh the looks you get when they try to stip in public with a diaper taped on.... ;) Beautiful pics of Amelia btw!

~LL~ said...

LOL....duct tape. It is every rednecks answer to everything, huh?

Lisa...good luck on making the baby food. I totally did with #4. I was really surprised at how EASY it was. Everything I made, I just pureed some extra. I didn't worry about seasonings...he ate what we ate. I bought one of those bullet type blenders from BRU and put the leftovers in ice-cube trays....then I popped them out to store in freezer bags. Very convenient, and a lot cheaper, if you ask me. Keep us posted :D

Gwen said...

Not so much a comment as I had to tell you I had a DREAM about your BLOG. How crazy is that? I was all upset because your layout went dark and goth and I said, "She used to have the sweetest layout..." ok lame but apparently I think of it while I'm sleeping ;)

Mindy said...

OK - you aren't kidding about Amelia being able to read are you?!!?
I don't doubt it if she is anything like you and Archie!!! What a smart girl!

I've never made any baby food but I got so tired of buying it with L. that I just started leaving portions of our food unseasoned and mashing it up for her. I don't own a food processer.

Good luck!

Tara said...

We haven't had to use tape yet, but duct tape is what I've always seen used!

Let us know how the babyfood turns out!

Mrs. C said...

We get "whatever" that is reasonably mushy and put it in a cup or bowl. Then we use a hand blender. Then we have baby food. Yay! :]

You're not going to post pics of the kid wearing tape??

Jamie B said...

omg is that video not adorable!!! i love to hear them jabbering like that, you KNOW they are saying something important, if only we knew what it was!! so cute!