Aug 7, 2008

Conversations with a 5 Year-Old

Mom, will I have to change diapers when I get grown?
Yes, I guess you will when you have babies of your own.
I'm not going to change diapers; I'll be at work with Daddy.
Who will change your baby's diapers then?
Really? Where will the baby's Momma be?
I don't know!
Where will you be?
Playing the guitar for GreenDay!
Hmmmmm... OK then!


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! Maybe if he's playing for Green Day then he could hire a nanny instead of his Mama. Kids think up the craziest stuff.

snarflemarfle said...

Cute! They are funny, aren't they?

Mindy said...

I find it highly entertaining that he wants to play guitar for GreenDay.

Oh, and I just want you to know that before I watched the video of Amelia reading you had me really worried. (about my own children)
I whole heartedly believed that she was reading -- I mean you and Archie are her parents. It's not a stretch!