Aug 4, 2008

Ever Play Tag?

Grown-up style?

My bud Shannon tagged me and now I must list 6 quirky facts about myself or my toenails will fall out before midnight.

Knowing how unsightly THAT would be; here goes:

I cannot stand for any of my kids to have visible boogers or snots in their noses. I will go to great lengths to rid their snozes of the ishda bishda. I'm very grateful not to have one of those perpetually snotty kids.

You know how people love to eat sweet things and drink coffee...not me...yuck! Now, sweet coffee is another category all together.

All things must be done NOW! I can not for the life of me procrastinate. Bills get paid right notes are filled out and returned ASAP...and on and on.

The only thing I procrastinate on is time. I am notoriously late, except for things like Dr apts and such...Archie says that I lack the "time management gene." What EVER!

Shannon still sleeps with a pillow that she's had since birth; well I still sleep with 2 blankets that I've had just as long. I bunch them up into a ball and sleep with them like a pillow.

I. MUST. BRUSH. MY. TEETH. FIRST. THING. EVERY. MORNING. I can't stand to have yucky teeth.

And now, I'm going to tag Jackie and Dawn. You're it! :) Go don't want quirky feet do you?


justdawn said...


Since I have already posted once today...this will have to wait until tomorrow. I hope that I still have my toenails by then! EEK! heh

Jackie said... freak! =)

justdawn said...