Aug 13, 2008

Rainy Day Randomness

Rainy Days around here usually equal jammie days. On jammie days, we lounge around in our jammies all day and do a big ole ball of nothingness. We NEED a jammie day today. After 2 weeks of constant on the go (trying to enjoy these last days of summer), we've all completely run down. Tucker and I are the only ones up so far. The oldest 3 are still sleeping. I think that we'll watch a movie and have some hot chocolate when they get up.

Tucker completely trips me out. The expressions that he makes are just priceless. I turned the lights out in the bathroom this morning before retrieving him from his bouncy seat and his eyes looked like huge saucers and his mouth formed a perfect O. Then he looked at me and giggled. He smiles with his whole self. It starts in the eyes and then his whole body seems to light up. He's working on finding his thumb; must be a lengthy process for boys because Amelia had hers before we left the hospital. We're also working on Mama as his first word. Every chance I get, I whisper Mama softly into his ear. Unlike the other 3, I am determined that this WILL be his first word (not Dada)!

I love the fact that my rough and tough football player isn't too rough and tough to climb up on my lap at practice and give me a squeeze and kiss. Unlike the older rough and tough football brother who stomps over and boots me out of my chair.

And apparently Amelia Grace has found her temper. She and Daddy had a battle of the wits last night over throwing her spoon and milk cup down after dinner. I wonder who won that one?

And last, but not least; THIS is why you should never let your husband pack his own lunch...


Archie said...

there is nothing wrong with that lunch

Gwen said...

I love jammie day! We need one here too!

Yummy lunch.... lol!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to that lunch- LOL. If I let my husband do the grocery shopping, that is what he comes home with! MEN!

Shannon said...

What's wrong with Dada as the first word...I encourage it. It gives me a nice break to say "Honey, he wants you!" LOL