Sep 3, 2008

Amelia is a Rock Star!

Whenever I change her diaper, she asks to go to the potty.

"Poop, poop potty?"

So, I put her naked hiney right on the potty. After a few seconds of straining and nothingness, she proclaims...

"All done!"

Fine by me. But then yesterday, after 3 different trips to the potty...the baby actually pooped on the potty!! Fluke...right?

Fast forward to today. She asks to go again and this time pees on the potty! She is only 19 months old and I'm not sure if we should go ahead and try potty training. She still sleeps in a crib; how will she get out if she needs to potty?

Anyone out there in bloggerdom ever potty trained a kid under 2?


Heidi said...

Oh my gosh! I'd ride that wave as long as possible! Yay Amelia!

Gwen said...

WOW! That is awesome. GO AMELIA!
We do the same thing with our little guy too... he's just a bit younger (18 months next week). He sits there on the potty and then hops off. The other day he peed in the potty but we were both shocked. I don't think, until that moment he knew that would happen. Usually he runs up to me farting yelling "poopoo!" LOL

You never know though. My oldest started PTing at 15 months and was consistently going in the potty by now!

Catey said...

Go for it! Alaina was completely trained by 22months....I wish I could say the same for Lincoln-or any of the others for that matter! lol

You may want to contemplate the switch to a bed if you're worried about that.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is awesome :) Now can Amelia come to my house and show Devin how to poo poo potty cuz he only went once and now demands to "poo poo in diapers"- LOL

Stephanie said...

Ever hear of ghose poop? Maybe she's really going and you just can't see it. rofl.

Stephanie said...

i meant ghost.

i blame the drugs.

zoinatt said...

YAY Amelia! I would totally go with it. I went with the cues from all 3 of mine. Elianna only regressed once and she started working on it before turing two.