Sep 19, 2008

Cutest Patient Ever!

Tucker's surgery went well. They took him in at 10 til 7; he was back in my arms by 10 til 8 and we were home by 10 til 9. He is a VERY sleepy boy, but doesn't seem to be in much pain; thankfully. Thank you for your prayers!

Check out my sweet gown.

The ladies love a man in blue!

Waiting patiently.

All done!

Wasn't as bad as I thought!


Anonymous said...

Praise God all went well and he is done! Woohoo :) Great job Mama!

Shannon said...

He IS the cutest patient ever! I'm so glad the surgery went well and he and YOU can rest now.

floreksa said...

Sorry to hear he needed surgery, but YAY on it being done and over now!!

Cutest little patient ever!

Ally goes under next friday. :(

Jackie said...

Awww! I'm glad everything went well!

Catey said...

Glad to hear that all is well! : )

Mrs. C said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa. I was wondering how he was doing.

Heather said...

oh so glad everything went well. woohoo!

Kelli said...

aw, what a sweetie! so happy it went well!

T- said...

Loveeee the gown. So glad it went well!!!


Stephanie said...

So cute. He looks like a real trooper. Glad all went well.

zoinatt said...

So glad it went well. Sorry he had to go through all that. You're right though he IS the cutest patient I've ever seen other then my own kids. LOL Love the gown very cute.

Mindy said...

Glad to hear that everything went well.
And glad Mom and Dad made it through, too.
I remember how stressed I was when L. had surgery at 11 months.
Blessings and hope Tucker feels all better soon!