Sep 9, 2008

A Mommy Dilemma, Big Girl Panties and One Crazy Hound

If that title doesn't get you, I don't know what will. Where to start, where to start?

I guess with the Mommy Dilemma. Some of you may know that my 2nd born is somewhat quirky and a tad bit strange. I mean the kid puts his new Chuck Taylors in the box they came in every night so they can rest. He likes everything to be just so. He places his slippers at the bottom of the ladder to his bunk bed so that he can step right into them upon waking in the morning. Gavin MUST have a belt on if his pants are the tiniest bit loose at the waist and he cinches it up so tight that it makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it, but he will not be swayed.

This morning as he pops out of the van to head into school for the day; he moans loudly, "Oh no Mom, I forgot to put a belt on!" This in and of itself is a miracle, because he rarely forgets something so important to him. Now here comes the mommy dilemma. I can feel the devil and angel pop up on my shoulders. Go home and bring him back a belt or let him go without for a day? It's just a day, right? And he may be fine without it. Right? I know you're riveted to your seat wondering if I gave in, aren't you? Well, I'll tell you tomorrow...oooh a cliff hanger!

Big Girl Panties.
We are on day #2 of potty training. I started the day yesterday armed with M&Ms, big girl panties and pull-ups.

Amelia only had 3 accidents yesterday; which my friend ATH insists is wonderful. Except for the fact that she didn't have to track down 4 little poop balls through my kitchen! So here we are on to day #2. The big girl panties are on and we're set!

And finally the crazy hound...
Chip is our 8 month old Golden Retriever and let me just put out there in advance that we've already tried (quite unsuccessfully) to give him away, but it seems that he manages to dig his way deeper and deeper into our family.

You might remember his tussle with Archie over the Directv line. I think that the final score on that one was Chip-5 and Archie-1. Well, the dog eats everything not tied down...the boys have no cushion left on their bicycle seats (I kid you not). The day that Hurricane Gustav dropped 8 inches of rain on us; Chip managed to spend the morning in my van (don't ask)...wet, stinky dog + new van = just plain yuck. He has a doghouse that he adamantly refuses to use. He had a bed before he ate it; so now he sleeps IN the kids' sandbox (usually on his back; all 4 paws in the air)! His latest trick is standing king-like at the top of the kids' sliding board. One. Crazy. Hound.


T- said...

I love our Golden Retriever. He's an obsessive genius. Hopefully yours will get better as he ages. But they are Peter Pan dogs. They never grow up!

I walked out onto the porch this weekend after an all-night rainstorm to find one of my dogs curled up in the wutz's sandbox! I guess it is comfy for them.

justdawn said...

You need to post more pictures of your dog;)

I can't wait to hear the end of Gavvy's belt saga!

Oh...and what are the odds that we would both use the words "big girl paties" on our blogs...on the same day??? COOKY! heh

Kim said...

I'm waiting to hear about the belt!

Mrs. C said...

Well, I *wanted* to hear what happened with Gavin's belt, but now you have me wondering WHAT ON EARTH is goin' on with that dog of yours??