Nov 24, 2008

Neat-O Phot-O MeME

My bestest, goodest girlfriend Dawn over at the M Cafe posted a rock star of a meme. AND it happens to encompass a love (albeit one-sided) of!

The rules are as follows:

Go into your pictures. Open the 6th file and then the 6th photo and post it on your blog.

(I'll admit, I 6th picture in the 6th folder was a picture for our Christmas cards and I didn't want to share that one yet. So you're getting the 6th picture in the 5th folder. Please don't smite me.)


Mindy said...

Thought about playing along but my 6th folder only has 3 pictures......
Love the meme though!

justdawn said...

Consider yourself smitten;) heh

Love you, too, Lisanne:)

heidi said...

Oh fun! I like that picture. I think I'm gonna play, too!!

T- said...

Beautiful picture!