Dec 23, 2008

At 10 Months

Tucker Eli:

likes to crawl fast with his head down.

grabs onto Mommy and gives strong hugs and sloppy kisses.

says hey, dada and uh oh.

refuses to say momma.

clicks his tongue.

has 4 teeth STILL.

does NOT like Santa Claus.


Mrs. C said...

I think the Santa thing is pretty scary, too, Tucker!!

Laura said...

10 months? Already? Darn it! Liam is not far behind.

Tucker is a sweetie. Can't wait to watch him grow "big like a giant" (Xander loves to say that).

Jackie said...


Heather said...

awww he's a sweetie. I tried to get Aiden to sit on Santa's lap Sunday and he wouldn't do it lol. ugh oh well lol.