Jan 5, 2009

Little Miss Teacher?

"Hey Mom ... Mom, what's that?"
Oh ... she's so inquisitive, so smart!!

"That's a coat hanger sweetie."

She's going to be so smart when she grows up!

"Hey Mom ... Mom, what's that?"

"That's the mail slot."

Wait, is she telling me good job? Like she's quizzing ME? Good gravy ... I've seen it all now!


Heidi said...

She is so. freaking. CUTE!!!

Mindy said...

That is funny!
Don't you know that they all know more than we do?

btw- do you know what time Keli's wedding is? We're just wondering.... =)

Lisa said...

I've got 2PM!

McCryssy said...

haha Ariel does that too! I sometimes feel a bit slow as I try to answer her correctly. Sometimes I say the wrong thing just to see if she really knows ;)