Jan 12, 2009

Seen it All!

You would think that by the time you're on your 4th kid that you would have seen, heard and experienced it all. But no, leave it to Tucker to throw us a new curve. He is 10 months old and can successfully dismantle the child locks on the kitchen cabinets. Geesh!

He is also getting no fewer than 6 teeth all at once! I mean honestly!

And in other household news; we've started a compost bin in hopes of fertilizing our garden in the spring. We'll see how THAT works out.

I'm also a possible recipient of a free sewing machine and if that doesn't work out, I have my eye on a new one!


Jackie said...

I'm right there with ya sister.. especially on the teeth! Eeek!

Mrs. C said...

six teeth? Are you just getting onto your blog to escape reality or what? That sounds like *no fun*.

Hope it works out on the freeeee machine.

Archie said...

I hope the free sewing machine works out too!

T- said...

WOW. Six?!?

I'm sooo sorry.

Laura said...

Two teeth just about did our household in. I am so sorry to hear about six.

And the child locks. Oiiee. No good can come of that!

Good luck with the sewing machine and compost. We compost and I've come to really love it. Sewing just is not a talent I have.

zoinatt said...

LOL and you wonder why I don't use cabinet locks.