Jan 8, 2009

Tucker's tucker

Not only does this kid not sleep, he doesn't eat all that well either. He's pretty much done with bottles, so he snacks all. day. long.

Sweet Potato Puffs


Bread and Cheese

Baby Goldfish

What the heck?

Oh! Raisins ... YUM!


Mrs. C said...

LOL Ohhh... he is too cute! Woodjie hates bananas. :]

T- said...

Mmmmm. Yummy!

Laura said...

At least he is cute. LOL! We gave Liam bits of watermelon today. It was a hit.

Shannon said...

LOL....he is so darn cute! I love your captions too. Colin's a bit of a snacker too but he does eat a good dinner. His hair has gotten so long, so sweet!

Heather said...

lol aiden LOVES watermelon-maybe Tucker will too! All those things,are not really bad for him, so he will be ok. At least they are healthy snacks mom!

Amanda said...

Oh gosh Deacon was and still is the same way... though he won't even snack.

But Tucker is adorable to say the least... he's so innocent looking. Looks are deceiving, right?