Feb 25, 2009

random miscellany

1. It's finally happened. Silas is a phone kid now. When friends used to call, he'd take care of business and be off the line. Yesterday he chatted with a friend for 45 MINUTES! I guess our time of boycotting call waiting has ended; otherwise, no one will be able to get ahold of us.

2. Gavin will be receiving the Student of the Month Award from his school at an assembly on Friday. Way to GO Gavvie!!

3. I'm working on a new sewing project that has been a little less than easy. Beware of on-line patterns that you download and print ... nuff said!

4. We finally got Millie's flowergirl dress and now we need some type of headpiece. If ya'll know anyone that makes bows and stuff, let me know.

5. Tucker goes in for his 1 year well baby check up on Friday. I wonder how big he is?

6. Soccer season is upon us ... Lord help us all!

And finally

7. WHY (insert swear words here) do the Cub Scouts yammer on and on about the importance of kids building their own Pinewood Derby cars and then allow cars obviously built by professionals compete? Arggh!


Mrs. C said...

What do these kids talk about for *45* minutes?? I don't think I even have that much to say to GOD, let alone a pre-teen LOL!

Aargh on #7. I would find that infuriating.

Laura said...

#7 Made me laugh, because I remember that from my brother too.

And I made my own hairpiece for my wedding. :)

heidi said...

Wait until he starts asking to call GIRLS! SIenna asked if she could call a boy the other day and then that dumb boy TEXTED her! *gasp* I'm not ready for this.

I hate that about pinewood derby cars.

T- said...

Way to go, Gavin!

Heather said...

Great job Gavin! Someone on MO does hairbows don't they? Hmmmmmmm that's going to bug me lol.

Mrs. C-I was one of those kids that could talk on the phone all day lmao. There's always something to talk about when you are young-drama drama drama! hehe

Mindy said...

I might can hook you up for the wedding....watcha need?

Also -- really a boy on the phone for 45 minutes? He's how old? What in the world did he have to say for that long? ;)

Lisa said...

He's nine!

Mindy- You use your best judgement. Amelia has really fine hair. Maybe one of those wreaths with ribbons? White?

I could pay you or make you a pinafore for one of your girls!


Anonymous said...

hey you- I left you something on my blog! Go check it out :)