Feb 11, 2009

Today's Post is Brought to You By the Letter T!

My slightly cosmopolitan pal, Heidi had this cool challenge over at her place and I decided, why not? I don't ever do these, so I thought it would be neat (snicker).

If you want to join in, leave a comment and I'll email you a letter. Your job is then to come up with 10 thing about yourself that begin with the letter I give you. Oy!

10 Things About Me, T Style

1. T is for Time - (stop laughing Arch) Since becoming a mother of 4 precious cherubs, there never seems to be enough of it and according to some people (A), I am not very resourceful with the time that I do have. I used to be early or at the very least on time for everything. Now, not so much. Archie thinks that I need to take a class in time management and that will solve all of my problems.

2. T is for Tucker - My 4th born's name is Tucker. After 3, naming #4 should be easy, right? Nope ... #4's name was probably the hardest to come by. After shooting down Avery and Ezra; we came across Tucker in a newspaper article and it seemed to fit.

3. T is for Target - LOVE the place. Archie says I can't go in there without spending a minimum of a hundred bucks. But they have REALLY, COOL STUFF that we NEED!

4. T is for Talent - Or the lack thereof. I have none. Can't sing, can't dance (despite years of classes), can't design or create, but I CAN draw a mean stick figure.

5. T is for Toddler(s) - Since Tucker has started walking (er, running); I've found myself surrounded by toddlers. How did that happen? Didn't I just give birth yesterday?

6. T is for Travel - Something that we don't get to do enough of. I really do love to travel and it's a shame that we don't get to travel more ... maybe when the kids are older -or- we win the lottery -or- we just decide to go.

7. T is for Thunderstorm - I LOVE a good a thunderstorm. There's nothing like a good storm rolling through to make you feel all cozy and safe at home.

8. T is for Teacher - The profession that I "retired" from to be a stay-at-home mom. Loved teaching, loved the kids, hated the pay and the pressure ... most likely won't go back.

9. T is for Tuesday - The day that both Silas and I were born on.

10. T is for Tub - Where I get a nightly soak to read and enjoy some "alone time." Ahhh!


Archie said...

don't forget Tornado...What our house interior appears to have been hit by several times a day.

Shannon said...

LOL....love it!

LYIS said...

So cute! Great idea!

T- said...

Cute cute!

Heidi said...

Fun! You make me smile! I "retired" from teaching, too, for much the same reason.

Stephanie said...

Ok i'll bite. semd me a letter.