Mar 23, 2009

The Call

It happened.
The phone rings.
I answer.

"Hello, Mrs. Cameron? This is Megan Taylor (Gavin's teacher). Before I start, let me say that Gavin is OK. He just had a little accident."

Uh hmmmmm. (Well, it's taken this long to finally get this call.) *Ya'll remember how accident prone Gavin is right?*

"We're into chase and tag on the playground right now and when Gavin was outside playing today, he hit the metal bar that holds the swing set and knocked his two top teeth loose. There was a lot of blood and I think that is why he is so upset. But I've got him calmed down now and we're putting a cool cloth on his mouth. You might want to take him to see your dentist. The one tooth is VERY loose."

I then went into the story of how several months ago, Gavin popped himself in the mouth with a skateboard and knocked those same 2 teeth. I told her that it was OK and that we'd check him out after school.

I heard an audible sigh. I could tell that she was relieved that I wasn't one of those freaked out kind of parents. (Who is after 4 kids, right?)

So in our family, Archie is the tooth extractor and the tooth fairy all rolled up into one handsome fella. He pulled the tooth on Sunday morning (Gavin was in a good bit of pain) and on Sunday night, he was able to slip the tooth out of the tooth fairy pillow and the money in all while tucking Gavin in for the night. Gavin is so innocent and play by the rules that he never suspected a thing. Silas is so "eye on the prize" that he sleeps with his fist wrapped tightly around the tooth pillow when he's awaiting the tooth fairy. Kind of funny how different they are.

Anyway, Gavin is fine now. And $5 richer (apparently, the nice lady that sits behind us in church pays out more than the tooth fairy ... teehee!)


Anonymous said...

Haha- love it :) Poor guy though...

T- said...

Way to go, Tooth Fairy!

Heather said...

Poor little man! I bet he was glad the teeth were out so he could get a visit from the tooth fairy lol.

(would have freaked!) lol

Mindy said...

A couple of things....poor Gavin!
Second - You are cool after 4 kids but also as a teacher you know these things happen.
Third - The cool lady at church -- WOW!!!!

Guess that is 3 things. BTW - I checked out the headpiece.....I think I can do it. With all the sickness I've been nuts....
Do you want it exactly like that on a comb and all? You can email me!

Mrs. C said...


It was baby teeth. WHEW.

Amanda said...

LOL... you've got a talented tooth fairy! glad Gavin is ok!

~LL~ said...

Aw....poor teacher :) I never liked to see a lot of blood. ewww..

anyway, great score by Gavin. Hope he is no longer hurting.

Lynn said...

I remember getting my front tooth knocked out when I was younger. I loved when the tooth fairy visited. I also remember brushing my tooth so it would be extra clean. haha

heidi said...

Poor kiddo. Cara lost a tooth once because Rob spun around, hand out, not knowing she was behind him and popped her in the mouth. That was fun to explain when Cara kept telling everyone - My daddy popped me in the mouth and my tooth fell out. *eyeroll*