Apr 23, 2009

How Was YOUR Day?

Here are the Cliffs Notes of my lovely day:

Wake up ... 5 minutes late.
Drink coffee.
Start a load of laundry, feed 4 children, pack lunches, deliver 2 children to school.
Drink coffee.
Unload dishwasher.
Vacuum up mini bag of Fruit Loops.
Change out laundry.
Load dishwasher.
Change stinky diaper.
Distribute snacks.
Read The Big Bad Shark and the Three Little Goldfish 3.2 times.
Enjoy a mini cup of pretend tea; eat pretend Cheerios.
Lock down Tuck E. in high chair.
Sweep and mop.
Get 2 babies dressed.
Hope and pray that Amelia makes it through playgroup without any accidents.
Pack snacks, change of clothes, cell phone, drinks.
Arrive at the park 30 minutes late.
Stay long enough to assure that the babies got their daily quota of sunshine.
Attempt to let Millie go to the bathroom in the great outdoors.
Rush home because she couldn't pee on the grass and NEEDS A POTTY MOMMY!
Millie to bed to nap. Tucker asleep in the car ... finishes his nap on my shoulder while I try to eat a bowl of soup for lunch.
clean up spilled soup off of my freshly mopped floor.
Feed Tucker late lunch.
Rotate laundry.
Dust and vacuum.
Pick up one child from school.
Pack up dress shoes, socks and underwear for tux fitting.
Pack up soccer uniform.
Pack up Silas' motorcycle helmet and coat.
Wash foreign substance (smells like lotion)out of Tucker's hair.
Talk to Millie about not "washing Tucker's hair" any more.
Rescue Tucker from tv stand.
Pick up Silas from math club; only 5 minutes late.
Wait in line at tux shop with hundreds of pimply faced prom attendees.
Dress 2 kids in a tux (first for me).
Go to hospital to visit Grandmother while Archie waits with the babies at the car.
Get gas.
Drop Silas off at soccer; only 5 minutes late.
Swear under breath at over-excited coach.
Order pizza for dinner.
Finish up laundry.
Bathe children.
Bedtime stories all around.
4 children tucked into bed.
Sigh happily ... drink coffee.

What a day!


Shannon said...

I think my eyes are still circling around Noontime....WOW! You handle it so gracefully!

Mindy said...

whew! sounds like my day....lots of laundry and packing here though....oh and haircuts and I too was only 5 minutes late. see ya tomorrow =)

Laura said...

LOL! Crazy day.

Mrs. C said...

Sweet times, friend. :]

T- said...


Yay for pizza, though!

Heather said...

my day is kinda like that...with just one kid though. How do we even make it, I wonder?? lol. I swear between doing laundry and vacuuming Aiden's messes, I am shocked that I have time to pee hahahaha.

Thank GOD for nap time! oh and coffee haha

~LL~ said...

slacker..... ;)