May 31, 2009

Living With a Little Cave Man

Tucker's language development or lack thereof has been a concern of mine for a while now. Even after our faithful pediatrician reassured me that he is just fine developmentally, I know that he lags behind the other babies at this age. I know, I know ... THE golden rule of parenting. Never, ever, under any circumstances compare babies. I know this and yet I still do it. The 3 other babies were very eloquent speakers by the tender age of 15 months. Silas knew all of the animal sounds and could even correctly locate and name his elbow. Gavin wasn't quite so advanced, but could and would communicate his needs and wants in words. Amelia spouted long tirades and quoted Shakespeare at 15 months (I jest, almost). But wee Tucker grunts and points and is relatively silent. He has a handful of words that he pours out at sporadic periods throughout the day. A momma here; a dadda there. He knows Silas (yaya) and HEY! When asked, he can say that the cow says moo, but other than that; we have nothing. I would like to say that he's just very introverted; a thinker amongst scholars. But the truth is, he seems like a lost soul most of the time. Wandering the house in aimless pursuit of fun and the rare spare raisin left on the floor. When he actually wants something, he'll point to it and grunt "un." Attempts to teach him proper language skills fall to the side and every day is a repeat of the day before.

On the positive side, he is VERY passionate and loves his family ferociously. Perhaps one day, he'll acquire a love for language as well and abandon his grunts and pointing for actual communication.


Melissa said...

Bethany only spoke a very very little and then she turned two! There are absolutely days we wish for that quiet little girl!! ;)

((HUGS)) He'll get there, Mama!

Laura said...

Sounds like Liam. Except Tucker had MANY more words than Liam. LOL.

T- said...

The wutz was slow to talk, too. Now he won't hush the heck up!

Mindy said...

Girl! Stop the comparisons -- it'll just drive you nuts!

And as far as Millie goes - she is a girl -- they always talk faster. Lillie talked faster than my other two -- I think because she wanted so badly to be like them. So look at the bright side -- maybe Tucker is just going to be very independent and doesn't feel the need to talk to anyone. =)

Anonymous said...

So do the older kids talk for him? My bet would be that with 3 older siblings he doesn't really have to say much, everyone just knows by now what he wants...

I know a mom through my daughter's preschool who is in the exact same situation as you.

Also, I just wanted to say your blog looks great!

Leslee Horner