Jun 14, 2009

Answerless Questions

Have you ever contemplated the serious questions in life? Not the chicken and egg or the tree falling in the woods quandary, but the serious stuff. The stuff that really has no answers or bearing on anything. I'm talking about pondering the imponderable. My kids are experts at this.

"Mom, why do the birds carry the worms in their beaks and not their feet?"

"Mom, is there a suit so strong that you could fly to the sun in it and not burn up?"

You know, the SERIOUS questions in life.

Here are a few of mine:

Is it truly a coincidence that both tater tots and fish sticks cook at the exact same temperature for the exact same length of time?

Why are baby boys fascinated by toilet paper and can't get enough of removing every square inch off of the roll into a giant heap in the bathroom floor, but as men they can't be bothered to change the roll when they use the last scrap?

Why is it that my 6 year-old has no qualms whatsoever about playing paper dolls with his sister, but the diva will under no circumstances drink out of a blue sippy cup?

What are your answerless questions?


Anonymous said...

lol- funny!

Heather said...

roflmao that is cute. I will have to think on this one....

Sneaky Momma said...

I'm with you on the TP one. Totally perplexing.
How sad is it that I cannot come up with one single question??? :)
Your blog is absolutely adorable!

~LL~ said...

we have a few of those, too....is God REALLY stronger than SuperMan? What happens if there is a fire AND a tornado at the same time? LOL

Renae D said...

Here's a q for you...

How is it I can make myself and my children the EXACT same food for supper, and put the exact same food on their plate as whats on mine...but they take 3 bites of theirs and then beg me for mine?