Jun 2, 2009

Call Me Crazy

Have you ever met one of those moms that doesn't "do" play dough or doesn't "do" fingerpaint? Well, I'm not one of them. I think that half the fun of childhood is making messes. Fun, free-spirited messes that allow kids to be creative and foster their love for all things messy. So today, we fingerpainted. Not the best idea for a 15 month old, but a great idea for a 2 year old; so baby brother got to play along too.

Setting the stage

Tucker is not so sure about this

Amelia; on the other hand, jumped right in

Warming up now ... "Here, I'll help you!"

Back off man!

Free for all!

Can I eat this?

Letting the creativity flow

I'm ALL about utilizing cheap, child labor ... clean up!

The final product


Laura said...

Cute! We do messy things too, like paint and play do and shaving cream. Just no more moon sand!

Mrs. C said...

How fun was that!?? And bet it's still tough to get out from under those little fingernails. :]

heidi said...

Yay you!! Fingerpainting rocks.

Heather said...

ohh I love it. Aiden has so much fun. He loves artsy fartsy stuff just like his mom hehe. Love their paintings, they are so cute! We are gonna do some "foot prints" later on a bag and that should be fun lol