Jun 8, 2009

Favorites Abuse

I very well may be the world's worst computer user. I do clean out the junk from time to time and thankfully Archie has all of that security mumbojumbo worked out for me. I am spoiled, I can sit back and peruse the internets for interesting stuff. And when I find the interesting stuff, I laugh gleefully and put it in my "favorites". Isn't that where all interesting stuff should go?

Well, for as uncluttered and organized as I keep my house and my life; my "favorites" is as cluttered and unorganized as can be. So then I had this crazy idea. I need to share my favorites with all of you! Because you know what they say, one (wo)man's favorites is another (wo)man's treasure. I'm here today to spread the wealth! Fabulous Favorites! REJOICE!

An article in the Belmont Banner (my hometown) about a bear sighting. Be sure to read the very bottom and I quote:
Herre said it was the first time she’d seen a bear and, “hopefully my last. When the lions and tigers come, I’m moving.”
Teehee! Darn right!

If you CLICK HERE you can download COLDPLAY's new album for free!! Left Right Left Right Left has 9 awesome songs and you just can't beat free, ya know?

On the Parents.com sight, they have an awesome article about YOGA for BETTER behavior. Amelia and I tried a few of the poses and we usually end up with me laughing like crazy at her, but it's fun.

You can visit Lisa Leonard Online and see all of the creative juices that flow from this incredible artist. I especially LOVE her jumble of charms necklace. I am being EXTRA good this year in hopes that Santa will bring me one for Christmas this year (hint, hint Santa!) wink, wink, nudge, nudge

I know that you aren't supposed to covet; the Bible says that, right? But I'm pretty sure it means your neighbor's wife NOT your neighbor's Pandora Charm Bracelet. Let me tell ya, this AIN'T your mommas charm bracelet. The have really cool beads and charms that you can collect and add. LOVE them!!

And then we have the world's smallest postal service at LEAF CUTTER DESIGNS.
You can get the teeny tiniest letter written out and mailed. It comes on 1 x 1.5 inch stationary and is placed in a teeny tiny addressed, stamped and sealed envelope. They have birthday cards and letters from the Tooth Fairy! How cute is that?

So there you have it my friends; my favorites spilled out to you! What's in YOUR fabulous favorites?


Shannon said...

is this what you're doing now that you've done 365 days of photos? Are you not doing anymore though??

Does the teeny tiny mail piss off the postman? I wonder how they stamp that and process it?

Lynn said...

you know. I have tons of stuff in my favorites! Shane absolutely hates it when I get on his computer because I add all kinds of stuff!

Heather said...

omg that tiny letter is the cutest thing EVER. I love it. I have so much in my favorites...ugh.

Lisa said...

I might start the 365 back up again after a break. :)