Jul 29, 2009

Like an iPod on SHUFFLE

Sometimes when I sit down to BLOG, my mind goes on a random shuffle, not unlike my iPod. Seeing that this is my place to write what I want, I guess it will be OK to hit play.

Is it a bad thing that the baby eats this:

and these:

EVERY day for breakfast?

I have about 10 pillowcase dresses to sew. I love sewing, but it kills my back. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I'll have to consult my Wii Fitness trainer tonight.

I did organize my sewing supplies and fabric yesterday. **Adding a disclaimer that this is NOT my sewing room (unfortunately!).

We had a bleed yesterday. The Doctor warned us that it would happen sometime between day 7 and 10. Even when you are prepared for it; seeing that much blood pour from your child's mouth can be disturbing. We followed the Doctor's orders and he was fine in about 5 minutes.

I need to make a phone call that may set us on an unknown and crazy journey. You know how I am with the unknown. Hmmm ... maybe tomorrow.


Catey said...

I love that craft room so much-I go to her blog and drool! lol

Glad Gavin is doing ok, I'm sure that was scary!

Laura said...

Come help me organize too. hee hee

And I am so very curious to know what the crazy journey may be!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Ohmygoodness! Your sewing supplies looks so pretty! I wish I could make all my craft stuff look that organized and pretty!

~ A Moxie Mom said...

I'm glad to hear that Gavin is doing ok. Watching your child experience that is something that every parent would love to avoid.

There's something about organization that just makes everything in the world... well beautiful. It really does look awesome. My office/craft area is in desperate need of your touch. I am suffering from a creativity block due to disorganization.

LYIS said...

Yeah, totally jealous of your craft room! Mine always looks like a tornado hit. Especially when I'm busy like you are. Sewing hurts my back too, I'm bad about sewing on the floor all hunched over in front of the TV.

And, my babies don't have yogurt raisins every day because my 3yo never stops asking for them when he knows we have them. Otherwise, heck yeah they would! lol

Mrs. C said...

Yes, that looks like a more healthy breakfast than the bowl of sugar my children eat every day!

Thank heaven Gavin is well. Poor fella.

The phone call... you are looking into foster/ adoption.

That's my guess, because you don't have enough going on there LOL! :p

Anonymous said...

You can not leave us hanging with a phone call that may lead to a crazy journey... I am much too curious now!

justdawn said...

Poor Gavin! I am glad he is OK:)

And I can totally relate to your thoughts on a new and crazy journey. I think my family is about to embark on one, as well.