Sep 9, 2009

It's a Zoo

So we decided to brave the zoo over the Labor Day weekend. It was OK, just OK. The zoo that we went to required a lot of walking (over 5 miles of pathways) and very little in the way of animal viewing. Most of the animals were either sleeping or couldn't be seen at all. Where we live, we have 2 choices in zoos and we definitely did not make the right choice. The good part is that kids enjoyed themselves and we had some nice family time.

It's always a better view from Daddy's height!

I don't see much mom!

Giving baby brother a lift.

Sleeping animals ... how fun!

He even seems bored!

Pachyderm taxi!

The cool mist was a hit!

Big smiles!

2 goofy boys posing.

Mom WAS there!

Eye to eye with the alligator.

Best seat in the house!

Decorative or useful? BOTH!

The playground was THE best!


The Stiffs said...

Glad you had some nice family time. We have a tiny zoo but we love it. The girls refuse to ride the train though because according to them it's way too slow.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

It looks like you had a pretty good time...even if you didn't see many animals!

Shannon said...

LOL, that monkey looks pitiful. Glad you guys had a good time anyway, our zoo is basically a barnyard with very little exotic animals so we have to travel to get to the good zoo.

mary said...

I love zoos. I need to take the kids again. It's been a while.

Ju said...

Adorable pictures of the blondies. Sweet.

T- said...

What a gorgeous babywearin' mama!

Heather said...

very cute pics. We wanted to take Aiden to the ST.Louis zoo this summer and never got around to doing it. :(