Oct 5, 2009

You Know That Old Saying

Poop in one hand and want in the other ... see which one fills up first.


Must be a southern thing.

So, I've been coveting again. I'm sorry Lord. But even you'll appreciate these.


25% bigger than a normal cupcake... nuff said

A Beach Cruiser Bike with Tot Totin' Trailer
I don't even really know why. It's not like our house is accessible to a nice country road or sandy beach for jaunty rides, but wants have no boundaries!

A big ole plate of beans and cornbread
(as my friend Loralei would say ... "Smack your momma good!"

Throw in some greens and you can smack your Momma and your Daddy

Shush up ... it's a southern thang ya'll!


Laura said...

"Poop in one hand???" Seriously? Is that really a saying in the south? (Is it okay that I am almost on the floor laughing at this one.) I love the bike and cupcake, but will pass on the beans. Throw some cornbread my way though!

You make me laugh. I miss you!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love the cupcake! I have seen the pan to make a giant cupcake a few times...but it cost like $25! I think I will stick to regular cupcakes for now!

The Stiffs said...

That's what Hanan wants for her birthday. (The cupcake, not the greens, beans and cor nbread.) Come on over, I'll have a hamhock in those greens on the stove.

Catey said...

rofl! Aaron used that saying a while ago...I blame it on his years in Georgia! ;)

Go with the Wilton version of that pan-check ebay and you can find it for much less. We used it for Charlotte's bday and it was so cute! Definitely worth the investment in my opinion!

Also-trying a new beans recipe tonight (along with corn bread btw-i must be feeling Southern vibes today or something). I'll let you know how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

yum on the food. I love good southern greens... and could dive right into that cupcake!!!

snarflemarfle said...

Yep...know the saying...and I know it with the *special* word my dad usually uses...

(I'm cracking up that someone hasn't ever heard that and is falling down laughing!! Gotta love colloquialisms!)

And I've got beans and cornbread on the menu for this week. I didn't used to like beans, but I've finally perfected a recipe that I love!!

You make me laugh!

Mrs. C said...

Um, you can't just eat TWO cupcakes? That's more than one "big" cupcake. :P

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Yum to all the food! I've never been to the south (although my husband is heading to Georgia next week for business - I'll have to live vicariously through him). I'll have to try to remember the poop saying...interesting.

McCryssy said...

Thank God for cooler weather. Time for beans, greens and hot cornbread! I'm excited lol

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yankee (as my southern friend calls me..lol) and Ive heard that saying. And the beans and cornbread...yum!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

You totally had me on everything until you hit those beans. Just can't even stand to put them in my mouth!

~LL~ said...

Mmmmm....about to get some beans going, I think. SLAP!!!

The giant cupcake....my next desire. :) Wilton has a pan that is actually 2 cake pans, side by side....different bottoms....tops....whatever ;)