Nov 18, 2009

the Lean, Green Talking Machine

The time was up on our cell phone contract and for us, that means new phones. You know I'm not one to enjoy all that cell phone business, but I wanted to get a phone that wouldn't conk out on me before the next 2 year contract was up. In my research, I came across the Samsung Reclaim. It's made from corn! I kid you not ... an eco-friendly smartphone built in part from corn-based bio-plastics. It comes with an AC adapter that reminds you to unplug it once the phone is charged. The Reclaim doesn’t come with a manual. You can download it from Sprint. What packaging there is consists of about 70 percent recycled materials and soy inks are used in all printed materials. $2 from each sale goes to the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre program. I picked the ocean blue option. How cool is THAT?