Nov 8, 2009

What to Do with Leftover Candy Corn

Make Candy Corn Bark! I made some for our church's fall festival and it was so good! Of course, my helpers made it extra sweet!

Here's what you'll need:
14 whole Oreos, broken up
1 1/2 C pretzels, broken into pieces. I used the small stick pretzels
1 lb. white chocolate, almond bark or melts
1 C candy corn
brown and orange colored nonpareils (sprinkles)

Break pretzels into smaller pieces.

Count out exactly 14 Oreos. Be sure to fuss at your sister when she swipes one and you have to start counting all over again.

Realize it's OK to snitch one yourself since mom was laughing at said sister.

Mix up 3/4 of the cup of candy corn, Oreos and pretzels. Microwave chocolate for 1 1/2 minutes, stir and repeat heating in 30 second increments, until it's fully melted. Spread evenly over the goodies and pour out onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet.

Sprinkle with nonpareils and remaining candy corn. Place in refrigerator until it has hardened.

Break into small pieces and serve! YUM!


The Stiffs said...

We are going to have to try this. I put my candy corn in with salted peanuts. I don't have much leftover. It tastes exactly like a payday candy bar.

Shannon said...

YUM!! Although there is NEVER left over candy corn at my house....LOL

~ A Moxie Mom said...

I can't wait to try this. It looks delicious.

~LL~ said...

Leave out the candy corn and I'm sold!!!

Jenners said...

Ummmmm..I never have leftover candy corn. I eat it all. Me love candy corn.

mapsgirl said... time I'll have to keep some left over so I can try this. Looks fun and yummy!