Dec 24, 2009

It All Started Late Monday Night


I was having a nice, long overdue soak in the tub and I hear a panicked Archie frantically calling my name. I'm not sure if we've ever discussed it before, but Archie does not handle stressful situations well. He seems to panic, assume the worst and then overreact. It's really quite sweet. And being the yin to his yang, I tend to remain calm and work through the problem. Well, back to Monday night. Tucker had been in the big boys' room and had fallen and either A) hit his head on the bed railing or B) hit his head on the wall (Gavin's report). Seeing that he had a 3/4 inch gash above his eye, I'm more prone to go with A. It wasn't bleeding much, but it was definitely a deep gash; certainly requiring more than the Neosporin and Band-Aid that our medicine cabinet provided.

So, Tucker and I set off to the Children's ER. (Why this stuff never happens in broad daylight is beyond me.) It was a relatively short and painless visit. It only took 3 nurses to hold him down while the Dr dermabonded (where can I get some of that stuff?!?!) his owie closed. We got home around 11 and crashed!

Bright and early in the predawn hours of Wednesday, Tucker woke up with a fever and promptly threw up all over me. After a quick trip to the Dr, an ear infection was confirmed. He got a painful shot in the rear and a prescription, oh and a funny spiky elf ball as a prize.

Later Wednesday afternoon, Tucker took a big tumble off of the front steps and face planted right in the walkway. He looks like he got into a fight with Mike Tyson and lost (he did manage to keep his ear though).

Despite all of this, he still has kept his sweetness and sly smile. Please say a little prayer that Santa is extra good to him this year.



Mindy said...

Poor, Poor Tucker!!!!
And don't you know? It's Murphy's Law. Nothing like this can happen during the day time so that you can see where you are going!
Just like kids get incredibly high fevers at 2AM or weekends when you HAVE to go to the ER and NOT the dr. office.
Thanks for the birtuday wishes!

Melissa said...

Awww! Poor Tucker!!

FYI -- Dermabond = Superglue!! Good to know for the smaller cuts, but if you are questioning stitches, let the pros decide! ;)

Hope Santa is extra kind to that poor boy!

Catey said...

Yep, superglue works, it just stings. You can ask your ped for dermabond, ours has been very generous (he has a houseful of boys and understands! lol). So much nicer than the trip to a clinic to have them dermabond things up and charge you up the yang for it!

Besides-it wouldn't be a holiday w/out injury... ;)

McCryssy said...

Poor dude!! I hope Santa is very generous! Maybe a few sugar cookies in the morning ;)

Mrs. C said...

Poor lil Tucker! Hope he has a great Christmas!

Heidi said...

Aw!Gl adhe 'sok ay!

~LL~ said...

Aw... that poor sweet baby... and he is still as cute as ever.

Shannon said...

Awh poor little dude!

Jenners said...

Good Lord ... poor little guy! What a lot to experience in such a short amount of time!!!