Jan 6, 2010


Can you tell me why Tucker insists on having the FULL container of a snack product instead a small amount in a bowl?

Can you tell me why Amelia has commandeered EVERY stuffed animal in this house to sleep with and why every critter has to be kissed good night at nighttime and naptime?

Can you tell me why my two oldest children decided to have a knock down - drag out in church of all places?

Can you tell me why my 9 year-old has lost his $50 iPod?

Can you tell me why sippy cups keep disappearing in my house? Do they end up with the lost socks? (BTW- Check your dryer vent to the outside ... I kid you not, I've found 5 socks in it!

Can you tell me why both the trash collection people and the phone book delivery people insist on driving smack through our yard? On rainy days? And get stuck?

Why I ask you, why?


Rachelle said...

I wish I had some answers. If it makes you feel better, my son got into a knock down - punches being thrown, glasse knocked to the ground, full-on fist fight at my great-aunt's funeral. That was worse than church, I think. He was only 5!!!

Thanks for the tip about the dryer vent! I've never checked. LOL

Mindy said...

oh the whys we have about our kids. =)
Allie got a dslite for Christmas and promptly lost one of her games.....yep! I get it!
AND - I have to admit that I sort of giggled at the thought of your boys having a knock down drag out at church. ;)
Send all your readers over to my blog -- I'm having a giveaway today for baby girls -- it's a good one. =)

Did you get my LATE Christmas card?

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sippy cups seem to disappear at our house too! Along with paci's and socks!

Jenners said...


That's why.

And thanks for the tip about the socks. I'm going to check mine ... I have socks missing and I don't know where they are!!!!

~LL~ said...

Blech.... lost sippies. Just follow the smell and you will find the sippy cup... of course, that is after a week or so of being lost and having milk in it. :-P

Shannon said...

When you find the answers, let me know. I'd like the answer to #2 and #5

Hip Mama said...

From One Hip Mama of 4 to another...um, I got nothin' LOL But I feel ya, truly I do!