Mar 3, 2010

You Want ME to Sock What?

SO, another season of soccer practice is here. It's interesting to sit back at practice and watch people. If the babies are with me, I never get to do this because I am much too busy chasing them from here to there.

We live in a small town. Most of the kids go to the same school. Interestingly enough, a big topic of conversation between some of the moms and some of the kids (girls specifically) was a Sock Hop that the school is sponsoring. I've seen the sign for it and tucked it away in the back of my cerebral cortex somewhere behind the grocery list and the dentist schedule.

These girls and their moms were plum giddy planning what they should wear and who they would dance with, yadda yadda. These are 2nd through 5th grade kids here. I'm sure renting a tux is not necessary, nor are hair appointments and makeovers.

So I wonder, does Silas even know about this? He hasn't mentioned it. I'm sure that almost every boy around could care less about a dance, with girls and even if they did make it there, what the girls were wearing or how their hair looked.

I asked Silas on the way home if he wanted to go to the Sock Hop.

"Wha? What the heck is that?"
See ... all you girl moms out there! You're wasting your time and money. The way to a boy's heart these days is through his Wii controller!



Archie said...

I can attest to that...the way to my heart is thru the Wii.

Heidi said...

Second through fifth grade???? That's nuts! And Silas's response was classic. Loved it!

~LL~ said...


Jenners said...

Silas's reaction is what they should all be at that age!!!