Apr 22, 2010

Super Mario Birthday Party

Planning for this party took quite a while. It was my first real DIY type party. We usually do something small at home or use one of those big party chains. I will say that the kids had a blast and I probably saved us $100 overall.

I made an invitation using GIMP and lots of Mario clipart that I found on-line. I included a gold coin and told them to come to the party to collect more gold coins. It was a hit! I've never had more kids RSVP so fast!

Yoshi Egg Hunt - I ordered a bunch of white, plastic easter eggs from Oriental Trading. We used a round sponge brush to paint pink, blue, yellow and green dots on them like Yoshi eggs. I filled the eggs with goodies and we "hid" them.

Mario Bingo
I ordered BINGO cards from Ebay, but I'm sure that you could probably make your own. It just depends on how ambitious you are. We used M&Ms for markers; winners got gold coins!

Boo Bash
We created some BOOS from plain white balloons and strung them from the ceiling over our jumpy toy. I got tired of making BOOS and short on time so we just threw the rest of the balloons inside. The kids jump up and "bash" the BOOS.

Musical Mushrooms
Basically like musical chairs, but instead of taking out a chair I taped different colored Mario mushrooms to the chairs and then when the music stopped, the kids that were in a chair with a randomly chosen mushroom color got more gold coins.
I downloaded some songs from iTunes for the music:
Goofy Goober, Axel F, Kung-Fu Fighting, Hampster Dance Song, I Like to Move-It Move-It, Yakety Yak and Day-O.

Get the Goomba
I blew up about a million brown balloons, but prior to blowing them up filled them with 1 -3 gold coins. The kids took turns squashing the balloons and collecting the gold coins.

I ordered plain white boxes from Oriental Express and painted them yellow. I made a stencil for the question mark and painted that on. They collected their Yoshi eggs in their boxes and also put their gold coins inside.

The party "treat" was a Mario and Luigi water bottle that I ordered from Celebrate Express. I also got the plates and napkins there.

We had pizza, pretzel rods, strawberries and M&Ms. I made the cupcake toppers with the clipart.

The hardest part was finding the cute Mario figures that I used to decorate with. I found several sites on-line, but it would have cost $30 - $50! I found a company right out of China and ordered them through Ebay.

The Wishes
We made a banner and decorated it with plain gold star balloons.




The Stiffs said...

I'm impressed. That looks like a fabulous party. So creative.

The Workman Family said...

Wow - what an awesome party!

Mindy said...


LOVE IT!!!! BTW- you asked about the girls clothes -- I save some of them for my sister (on the off chance that she will have a kid someday- that is my Mom's doing). I sometimes give them away and I am
also looking into consigning them if they are still in good condition......I've never done that before. Have you?

snarflemarfle said...

What a way cool party!!! And I love all the collecting of gold coins!

You are the bestest mommy to your little sweet ones!

Misti said...

Amazing! What a super fun party!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Fun party! I think my favorite thing are the boxes! Cute!

Shannon said...

What a great party!! Looks so cute, right out of one of those party designer books!

Laura said...

The party looks like a blast!

Los Mabies said...

As I already knew - YOU ROCK MOMMA!

Great job on the party and it looks like everyone had a blast!

nic said...

you are the best kind of mama...what incredible ideas! i'll bet he felt celebrated and well-loved. kudos to you!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What an awesome party! I love all the details you thought of and took care of! Amazing!

Jenners said...

Oh MY GOD ... I feel like I am living in the game! you rocked this! (And I should know as I've played this game for weeks on end.) If my Little One is still into Mario by his next birthday, I am stealing all of your awesome ideas! YOU ROCK!

bethany said...

Awesome party Lisa!! Looks like you spent a TON of time on everything-love it!!

Heather said...

awww so cute. we have been thinking of doing Mario next yr for aiden's bday party bc he LOVES playing him lol!

Hillary and Jonathan said...

I wish this had been MY birthday party! You're so creative!

Lindsay said...

OMG!!!! My boys are addicted to super mario right now and when I saw your page I showed my son who is turning 5 and he was stoked!!! I am probably going to steal every idea of yours. I am all about full themes for parties and this is one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you for posting all these great ideas. My sons party will now be a HUGE hit!!

Penny said...

saw your page on pinterest. your party looks amazing. showed it to my son who will be 5 soon and he was so excited. he love mario brothers right now. so thanks to your posting i will be doing a mario party for him also. thanks so much for the great ideas.