May 12, 2010

Random McNally

We've had lots of crazy things going on around here. I finished up my first semester back to college with my one class; I managed to squeak through with an A! YEAH me! We successfully got a church softball league reborn in our town and Archie is playing for our team. They are having a blast; great fellowship too! Both of the big boys are winding down the 3 S's - school, scouts and soccer. Gavin's poor team has not won a game this season and out of the 3 goals the team has scored, 2 were his. Silas' team is in the championships though. He's hoping that they win big this week. Millie and Tucker are growing like weeds. I am so surprised at Amelia's progression with writing and Tucker's fine motor skills. Mill has progressed to drawing little "people" with big round bodies, 2 dots for eyes and a stick for a mouth; she also adds about a jillion arms and legs. Tucker LOVES to cut and he does so well. He can't cut a straight line, but can cut away at paper. I have to add that none of my other babies were given scissors at 2, but I can't deprive him of them when I give them to his big sister. Other than that, still sewing, still writing, still raising babies!



Kelli @ RTSM said...

Summer is almost here...yay! Congrats on the A! That is awesome!

Laura said...

"Squeaked through with an A!" LOL. Girl, you did GREAT!

Ju said...

Hi Lisa, I loove the new look of your blog, stylish.
That little foot on the header is so precious.
Sound like things are running smoothly then. :))

Jenners said...

Love that new header!!! Adorable! And you are one super mama!