May 6, 2010

A Secret

I've been harboring a secret for quite a while now. It may be quite shocking to some of you and for those that know me well, maybe not so much. I'm illiterate, yep - illiterate. Not really proud of the fact, but I write this in hopes that those who also struggle can see that they are not alone.
I'm sure since you're reading this BLOG that you probably read a few BLOGS and that you've come across these before:

They are word verification forms that help separate spammers and robots from us regular people. Unfortunately, I am word verify illiterate. I can NEVER enter the correct sequence of letters on the first try and very often it takes 2 to 3 tries. They have a helper now for people like me; you can select the audio option where you type what you hear. I may have to try that.

My love/ hate relationship with word verification is two fold. While I hate having to key those pesky things in, I do love the "words" that you sometimes get from them. I've shared a few lists here before, but this is my most recent list:

Paplight - the light they use on your girly parts at the OB/GYN

Comedian - ha

Humsome - singsome

Sesseses - wha?

Polefro - A bad hairdo you get when you hang too long from a pole

Scoutho - because hos need scouting too

phorn - phone porn

vatot - why not?

logic - where?



Chrysanthemama said...

For real? Those are hilarious!

Erin said...

I just have to giggle! Especially with the problems we've been having! :)

Shannon said...

LOL, love the paplight and the polefro....hilarious!

Laura said...

LOL! I love them. And I often get tripped up on them too.

Brenna said...

I have the worst time with those things too! I love polefro. ;)

Jenners said...

It is one thing to have to type in a word/non-word (love phorn!) but when they are way too twirly, I don't stand a chance!

McCryssy said...

I went from shocked and confused to totally rolling on the floor laughing. You are a nut :) lol

~LL~ said...

"Because hos need scouts too. " ROFLMBOOOOOO!!!!