Jun 7, 2010

Doing Some Good

I've blogged before about a fantastic site that connects crafters with different organizations to create projects to donate to those in need.

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

Past projects include:
Dresses for children at the Pan de Vida Shelter in Mexico
Sock Monkeys for children at the Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp

For project 8 they will be partnering with The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies to assist them in their efforts in caring for and cleaning oiled marine mammals, mostly dolphins and sea turtles. Dolphins are naturally curious and have been swimming toward the oil plumes to investigate… and that curiosity gets them in a lot of trouble against the oil slick. The project is to make wash towels to help clean these animals.

So, the boys got their very first sewing lesson.
We buckled down and made 10 hand towels to send!


Laura said...


Lisa said...

We used cloth diapers and a soft flannel backing.

Jenners said...

What a good cause. And it just breaks my heart what this oil slick is doing to the poor animals.

Shannon said...

That is just fantastic and a great thing to teach the boys!