Jun 22, 2010

Must Be a Nature Conservatory or Something

It seems like the wildlife has flourished around these parts. I guess that it helps that we live on a bit of land and are far from the main road. We have a wee bunny that we happily share our garden with; even though he's too quick to catch a picture of. And a hanging basket had to fall prey to drought when it couldn't be watered for fear of drowning some bird eggs. Take a walk with me, won't you?

We have several hummingbirds who frequent the feeder.
Amelia is the best at catching sight of them.

This momma and poppa bluebirds live in that smaller house;
they had several wee babies this year.

We're making an attempt to attract mason bees to our garden.
Mason bees are smaller than honey bees and are peaceful,
non-stinging bees unlike honeybees.

It was raining; not sure what he was doing, but when I asked him later,
he said "meditating or something." Go figure!

Barn swallow nest. There are chicks in it now.
Maybe I can snap a picture of them.

Wee snail found amongst the beans in the garden.


Together We Save said...

I love that barn sallow nest!! It is so huge!

Together We Save said...

swallow** sorry I can not type or spell LOL

McCryssy said...

That's pretty cool!! You should charge admission! Ppl would pay good money to see that wildlife :)

Tracy said...

I'm jealous! we haven't seen any hummingbirds this year!

heidi said...

Awesome! There are some cool things at your place!

Shawna said...

did you make that mason bee nest or did you buy it? Either way, is there a link to the procurement of such a darling item. I'd LOVE to have some mason bees around here!

Jenners said...

Aren't hummingbirds the best? I am in love with them. We have goldfinches too that I love. That swallows nest is different looking ... and I love the bee thing!

Lisa said...

This is where we got the Mason Bee Hive ...

http://www.gardeners.com/Mason-Bee-House/BackyardHabitat_Cat,37-481,default,cp.html :)

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Amazing!! I love the little snail. I am working on getting our house a little more welcoming to the pleasant wildlife (as in not just all the neighborhood cats LOL)