Jun 30, 2010

an update on our wildlife

I was finally able to snap a picture of the wee bunny we've been sharing our garden with. He's a cutie!

The barn swallows hatched! There are 5 wee birdies crammed in that teeny tiny nest. We get a kick out of watching mom and pop hunt for food. They are quite nimble birds really.

We feel a kindred spirit with mom and pop swallow; like our Tucker, they had an escapee too. He was out of the nest for about 3 days. Archie would find him way too far from the nest and carry him home. We made attempts to feed him, but he was having no part of it. The doting parents were like Kamikaze pilots on attack when we were around the wee fella. We finally made the decision to put him back in the nest despite fears that he would be shunned, booted out or that the whole brood would be abandoned. We're on day 3 and he's been welcomed back with open arms, er wings. I love a happy ending!


Jenners said...

I just love wee baby bunnies! So so cute!

And that swallow's nest just freaks me out ... is that made of mud or what??

~LL~ said...


I see you, too, are being bombarded by Asian commenters.