Sep 25, 2010

Pink Clompy Shoes

This picture has nothing to do with the pink clompy shoes, but doesn't every Princess sleep with a fist full of crayons?
Apparently pink, plastic, clompy shoes are what define you as a princess. When Amelia has hers own, she demands to be called Princess. "I am NOT Amelia Grace, I am PRINCESS Amelia Grace!" Much to the chagrin of her brothers, she clomps around the house; her very presence demanding attention. If she doesn't get the attention that she thinks she should be getting, she clomps louder, harder and faster. The boys cannot stand it! Now, here is where every boy is different ...

Silas' approach ... "Sit down Amelia." PRINCESS AMELIA! "OK, whatever ... PRINCESS Amelia." She sits down; he promptly whips the shoes off of her feet, opens the door and chucks them outside. WHY? I guess that screaming and wailing is much better to hear than pink clompy shoes.

Gavin's approach ... "Come in here Princess Amelia, the Queen wants to see you." Leads her gently into the bedroom. "Can you dance for the queen?" She dances around the carpet in her pink, not so clompy shoes. "YEAH!! Let's leave your princess shoes here and go play playdough. Girls with Princess shoes can't play playdough." She falls for it. Clomping and screaming averted.

Tucker's approach ... He greedily follows her around the eying the pink clompy shoes. Waiting for his chance to get them. After she is finished with them, he slips them on ... ahhhh ... Princess Tucker!


Shannon said...

LOL!! Each ones has such a different approach, love it! Silas' is my favorite!

~LL~ said...

LOVE!!! You are the mother to the crown prince and princess!