Oct 26, 2010

Talking Tucker

To say that Tucker is quirky is an understatement. He's loving, he's happy, he's sweet and he's EXTREMELY weird. Weird to the point that I wonder if something ELSE is up with him. By the time you've taught 120 something 5 year-olds and raised 3 kids, you should be able to identify if something is a little "off" with your baby.

Some examples:

He is insistent upon doing things himself and if he is not allowed to unlock the front door, put his arms in his sleeves, put the lid on the milk, climb onto the changing table, select his own silverware, open the door for anyone who is leaving, get out the toaster, etc then he pulls an all out meltdown. I know what you're thinking, he's trying to assert his independence. I've seen trying to assert your independence and this is beyond that.

If Tucker "loses" something, but knows where it is he completely freaks out. I'm talking on the verge of hyperventilating. Case in point, he dropped Amelia's Squinkie toy in a potted plant. He knew where it was, but could not get it. He wigged. One day he put one of Milli's hair clips down the air vent ... total freak fest. Terrible 2s? I don't think so.

Patience is not only a virtue when you're dealing with Tucker, it's a MUST.  He wants to things on his own terms, on his own time.  His brothers and sister have all learned how to deal with him.  But I'm scared that when he goes to school, he won't interact well with others.

I know that something is off with him, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  His Pediatrician and I will be having a LONG talk at his 3 year check up.  I guess there is always something to worry about.


justdawn said...


You are totally describing Ethan at that age. Ethan used to get so frustrated he would totally bang his head on things out of frustration). Turns out he has some pretty strong Asperger's tendencies but as he has gotten older, he has learned to better adapt to the fluidity of any given situation. He still occasionally freaks out but it or more like once or twice per week rather than once or five times per day. We parent him differently and his teachers always know about his quirks. For the most part, he is well adjusted and happy.

Laura said...

Some of that sounds like a cross between Xander and Liam. I laugh about things being just so and doing it himself, because both my kids have been like that to an extreme. Liam's favourite words these days are "Do myself!!!"

He's got a little OCD, that boy too, with his need to have thing *just so*. He can't continue to eat if he has slopped something on the table: it MUST be cleaned up first.

Definitely a handful.

Not to worry though, as Xander slid into a school environment just like he'd always done it. ((hugs))

mamapat50 said...

I highly encourage you to speak to the pediatrician while he's still so little. Sometimes, you can head off big problems by addressing them in their early stages.
On the other hand, let me say, Tucker is who Tucker is....love him to pieces for being his own, inimitable self...oh yeah, and count to 10 when you think you're going to lose it. Can't have you both out of control at the same time!

Hanswife said...

I feel for you. My younger daughter was like this -think about a 3 hour melt down because her socks weren't right? not the socks but how they fit her toes. she was diagnosis with Bi-Polar and OCD. thank god it's a great combination. shes medication free over 5 year and works with calenders, schedules and journals to keep things in line.

hug him a little more and listen. and don't let his MD blow you off as a worried mother.

positive energy to you and your family