Nov 3, 2010

We had the Diva's very first parent teacher conference last night.  It was a hoot; to say the least.  Apparently Amelia has a tendency to talk too much during story time.  She "helps" the teachers read the books and asks a lot of questions.  This is not a bad thing.  This is something that we deal with a lot at home.  Heck, she can pretty much "read" Pinkalicious all by herself.  Amelia is also very head strong.  Hmmm ... you think?  When she was being assessed by her teacher, there were several areas that she could not be gauged in because she told Miss Jennifer that "that's just silly.  You know what that is."  We know she knows this (her body parts), but I guess she can't be bothered with telling the teacher.  What a diva.

I also caught her the other night out of bed; putting her Squinkies on a book by her night light, getting down really low to the ground and taking pictures of each one with her little 1 inch plastic purple camera.  She even took the time to center each one in the view finder.  I wonder where she gets THAT from?

Oh and t-minus 7 days until the BIG day.


Rumour Miller said...

She's gorgeous.

~LL~ said...

HA! That is how PJ is..... he is always getting warning at school for talking.... non-stop. BUT, he doesn't get a tally because he isn't being disrespectful or anything, just won't be quiet. :)

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