Jan 26, 2011


Sometimes it's very hard being a mom.
Like when your 10 year old back-talks or degrades his brother.
When the 7 year-old whines about this and that.
When the 2 babies make messes that can compare to the destruction of an F4 hurricane.  You know those times.
But sometimes ... sometimes life throws you a sweet curve ball that reminds you why you do this day after day.

Don't hate me, but Tucker pretty much potty trained himself.  I was dreading the day because for a long time, every time that I asked him if he wanted to use the potty, he would adamantly refuse.  But the diapers ran out, he figured out what to do and hasn't looked back.  Thank you for the small things!


Mindy said...

Well --- that is fantastic for Tucker and you ----but I would have to say that ---yeah, I'm hating you about now....JK!!!
YEAY for Tucker!

Laura said...

I don't hate you at all. Xander did that for us too and it was wonderful! And in the end, Liam wasn't hard to convince either.

Good job to both of you!

Shannon said...

He is just precious, his little face has a little piece of my heart! Sweet boy!

Heidi said...

Aw! Congrats! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie:) Sometimes all it takes is for you to look the other way I guess!

~LL~ said...


Isn't it a good thing when you are finally out of diapers? It is sad that they are growing up, but I don't miss diapers!

Heather said...

woohoo WTG Tucker. Aiden was pretty easy to potty train too. I guess when they are ready, they are ready.