Feb 14, 2011


she climbs up on my lap in the mornings
sleep still crusting her eyes
hair all askew from fitful sleep
she pops her thumb into her mouth
lovingly fingers her threadbare lovie
her breath gives a hint of sour morning breath; 
yet somehow sweet to me
i love you mommy
i love you too

Archie told me that he has been telling the kids for a while now that they need to make Mommy a Valentine card.  Last night, while she was snuggled up to her daddy.  She unpops that thumb from her mouth and says, "Daddy!  I know what I'm going to make on Mommy's valentine!  YOU!  Because you love mommy and I want to give her something she loves."  sigh ... what a sweetheart


Shannon said...

awwww! That's your little mini-me and your best friend for life!

Stacey said...

<3 your blog!
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