May 10, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Over Spring Break we
took a family trip to the zoo.
This was the first time that we've been
since the babies were, well babies.

The kids loved all of the animals and for some reason the zoo was full of expecting moms or newly born babies.
The koala baby and the baboon baby were our two favorites.
The kids all loved the elephants.
Archie said that they smelled like a dairy barn.
They're called cows right?

The foliage was almost as interesting as the other wildlife.

At this zoo, they have 
lorikeets that you can feed by hand.
Gavin is always able to get them to land on him.
 Amelia isn't so lucky.
She waited for what seemed like hours for
a birdie to come to her.
Poor wee lamb.

It was a great day to have our wild bunch 
meet the other wild things.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!

heidi said...

Fun!!! We're hoping to take our kids to a real zoo this summer.

XLMIC said...

What a great-looking zoo! They used to have the lorikeets at the SF Zoo but haven't in years (or at least not when we go!). And the koalas are such a trip!

It looks like it was a good time :)