Sep 6, 2011

Life's A Beach

The yearly beach trip was amazing.
We're one of those families that could thrive living at the beach.
The sand, the surf, the sun ... it flows through our veins.

We could NOT get this kid out of the water.  Even three sharks being spotted didn't deter him.

Love those sandy fingers

One of my favorites

Sandy toes

People ask me how I get all 4 to cooperate.  I bribe them.  2 words - ice. cream.
They don't all turn out quite so good.

We ran into a few "professionals" and had to wait our turn on the dunes.

They all refused to smile.
Until Daddy got involved.

then they couldn't STOP laughing

2 peas in a pod


d e v a n said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are adorable!

Tawny said...

All of those pictures are so precious. Especially the ones with the kids altogether. What a terrific summer you must have had! :D

Catey said...

I am dying! Your pictures are so beautiful-you have a great eye!! And your pics of your kids are absolutely perfect-I am in love!! I would hang those pictures on my wall and they aren't even my kids. ;)