Jun 26, 2012


june has brought with it the end of school for wee ones and the beginning of a luscious summer.
no waking early to meet demanding schedules.
no fritting between here and there.
just us being us and doing us things.

oak island called to us and so we went.
lavishing in the sand and surf, long walks on the pier and ferry rides to neighboring islands.
the wee people loved doing what they do best; living life to the fullest and enjoying the ride

and archie and i? well, we love bringing them all that we can.
ah, summer


Chrissy Easter said...

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Anonymous said...

Ah...looks lovely!! Glad to hear you're catching a break:)

Erica Smith said...

Ah i like your blog :) Im pretty new to this blog thing too, but it looks like you have it down! Feel free to check mine out if you have a minute!

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