Feb 17, 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

One thing that most Southern folks love is ...
sweet tea
fried okra

and SNOW!

We so rarely get snow that when we do, it's really something special.

It's almost like the two littles didn't even remember snow.
Although the fact that they were 3 and 2 the last time we did have snow might be why.

It's just so exciting when those first fat flakes start falling from the sky.
When you can see your crisp breath in the air.

The flakes stick to your eyelashes and melt on your tongue.

Even the tress rejoice in their crystal bath.

Sleds zoom down hills.
Children squeal with glee.

It goes as quick as it comes.

Leaving us wanting more.

You Northern folk take the snow for granted.


floreksa said...

Please come take ours! LOL Pack the kiddies up and come visit. Even after a week in the 40's, there's still about a foot of snow on the ground.

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