May 27, 2008

Good Love lovie...

Lovie is Amelia's most trusted comfort object. Aside from her thumb, it's the only thing in this world that she cherishes more than her Daddy. We have had several run-ins with losing lovie; one that even culminated with a phone call to school to ask the 8 year-old if he knew where lovie was (and yes, he knew...Thank God!). Lovie has taken vacations in cabinets, behind doors and was even found in the washing machine once.

I tell you this, so that I can tell you about the drama of this morning. I stealthily slipped into the sleeping baby's room and with the delicacy of a surgeon's hands, pried lovie from Amelia's tight grip. Sneaking quietly out, I deposited lovie into the washing machine for a much-needed bath. The plan was to have it clean and dried by the time we returned from taking Silas to school. Amelia was blissfully playing in her room, lovie was turning ever so gently in the dryer (amongst other assorted blankets and clothing) and then it happened. Amelia came toddling into the laundry room and spotted lovie through the dryer's glass door. Oh no!

"HEY!" "HEY!" "THAT!" "THAT!" screeched at the top of her lungs. Try to explain to a 16 month-old why they can't have an object that they so clearly see. Screams and howling continued as the dryer counted down the last few minutes of drying time. I rescued lovie from said dryer and gave it to Millie. She rightly popped her thumb in her mouth and stroked lovie softly to her cheek. "Hmmm!" she scowled at me and turned away.

Next time we'll have to do a midnight recognisance mission to clean lovie.


Catey said...

Too cute! Big question though....have you bought a spare? : )

Lisa said...

NO!!! Eeeek...we can't find one!

justdawn said...

Abby is my only kid who has ever latched onto comfort items. It was just in the last year that I finally "lost" her blanket she had been dragging around since she was a baby! Her other comfort item is a Beanie Baby Cockatoo that she got from her kindergarten teacher when we left Texas. She takes that thing everywhere!

Gwynne said...

Hey Lisa -

This happened to us with Sarah's lovie. So I got creative and put it in the microwave for a really quick dry. It was the only thing I could think of.

I feel your pain!

As for another lovie - try eBay