Jun 3, 2008

Break A Leg!

Apparently breaking your leg is not only a physically trying experience, but an emotional one as well. Last November, Gavin was out in the drive-way riding his bike. He was a GREAT bike rider. Archie took his training wheels off when he was 4 and he just took off like a shot of lightening. Hold on, I think that we have a video of it...

Anyway, back to last November...Archie was out mowing the grass and Gavie was riding his bike in the driveway...one simple fall and the little guy was screaming in pain. I was 5 months pregnant, we had an 8 month-old baby at home and Silas to care for. We decided that Archie would stay home with the kids and that I would take him to the hospital. Let me tell you, an ER is no place for a kid. The Drs and Nurses were great, but they reallly didn't understand how to adequately care for a 4 year-old kid. After hours of pain and tears, we were sent home with the broken leg. This was a Friday and he wouldn't be able to have the cast on until Monday. Longest weekend of our life! Gavin was in so much pain and it hurt me to see him in so much pain. I would have taken every drop of it for him if I could.

Flash forward...Monday...we see the Orthopedic surgeon and Gavin gets to pick the color of his cast (BLACK!) and they put the cast on...almost instant relief from the pain for the little guy. They gave him miniature crutches and he was 100% completely adorable. He mastered the crutches quite well.


Flash forward...8 weeks later, the cast comes off and the boy is healed!

Or not... I think that the phsychological healing is still taking place. He still talks about his crutches and his time with the broken leg. He even drew a picture the other day that he entitled "No More Broken Leg". I guess that we'll continue to revisit the trauma of it all, until his little memory is all healed up.


justdawn said...

awwwww...give that boy a squeeze for me, OK:)

Archie said...

I will not soon forget the events of that day. He tried to be tough but he was in serious hurt-ville that whole weekend, poor little guy. AND..That was 3 short months after he bit half of his wee little tounge off. I remember him eating a pancake at the Cracker Barrel a few hours after having 8 stitches in his tounge, what a kid. I had a Vasectomy 3 months ago and I am still whining.

Stephanie said...

Oh man. That stinks. Poor guy.