Jun 6, 2008

What the Heck? and Proud Mama Moment!

It seems like a lot of my posts have been about Gavin. He is just one cool little kid. I don't know where he gets his logic and ideas, but man he can come up with some off the wall stuff. Case in point...

What does a 5 year-old that's supposed to be napping do?

Apparently what happened here was that "the soldiers were protecting the pumpkin from being bombed by the pirate with the pet dinosaur. They have a getaway car that is gassed up and ready to go! And you know what else Mom? The MIGHT stop for ice cream if the can spend those gold coins in Thailand!" I'm afraid to ask about the enormous pink butterfly!

And in other news...the 8 year-old boy genius brought home 2 certificates from his award ceremony this week. He received the award for "Best All Around" and the "Accelerated Reader" award. YEAH Silas! I am SO proud of you little man! Excuse me, big boy!


Archie said...

That is a pretty wacked-out scene at the train table; but, at least i know where my wine bottle opener is now. That is what the butterfly must be guarding..

Congratulations Silas, I am proud as heck of you for getting the AR award, you worked hard all year to get that!!!

justdawn said...

Congrats Silas!!! You must be so proud:)

And seriously...every time you talk about Gavvy, it is as though you were talking about Eli. They seem to have many of the same, quirky traits! heh

Gotta love their big, fat imaginations!