Jun 7, 2008

A Letter From Myself...June 7, 2007

Last year, I stumbled across a site that let's you write a letter to yourself for the future; a time-capsule of words if you will.

Mine arrived today in my in-box.

Dear FutureMe,
I hope that you have enjoyed the past year. Amelia is over a year old now and the school year is coming to a close for Silas' 2nd grade year. Gavin will start school soon. Enjoy this last summer...

I hope you kept those weight loss goals. And are at least a little slimmer for it.

Keep on loving Archie. Remember how much you've been through together. Almost 10 years now.

Another baby in the future?

Love yourself and our beautiful family!

Oh boy! Little did I know!! :)

If you'd like to write a letter to yourself in the future; visit FutureMe.

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