Jul 16, 2008

Best of the Best

The BEST anniversary gift a family of 6 could ever get...THANK YOU NANA!

The BEST baby onesie EVER!

The BEST fruit salad...yummy!
watermelon, banana, peach, cantaloupe and strawberries


snarflemarfle said...

That fruit salad looks delish! I had a coworker who used to throw all these fruits together and then sprinkle on some instant vanilla pudding mix. It turned into a really yummy sauce on the fruit!

Shannon said...

I wonder what the rate would be to ship homemade fruit salad to Texas? hint hint hint!!

What kind of thermometer is that? The one we have really sucks.

Tell Tucker to STOP GROWING UP!! He's just too cute

Lisa said...

It's a Braun and it rocks! Just like the one our Ped uses...I think she got it from WM.