Jul 21, 2008

Chronicles of Single-Parenthood, Day 1

While I was feeding Tucker his last bottle of the night, I was composing this post in my head and all I saw was numbers.

Number of pancakes that I made today: 24
Number of spills cleaned up today: 1
Number of doors broken off of the tv armoire: 1
Number of bottles made today: 6
Number of Nerf darts possibly permenantly embedded in the ceiling fan: 2
Number of times I've swept the kitchen floor: 3
Number of Ibuprofin it's taken to get rid of my headache: 2
Number of tears dried: countless
Number of books read and re-stacked on the bookshelf: 13
Number of good-night kisses administered: 4.5
Number of angels peacefully asleep in my bed: 2


Archie said...

pitiful, lonely, out-of-town husbands consoled...1.

Shannon said...

Your day just amazes me! I had to laugh at the nerf darts in the ceiling fan though. Life with boys, huh? I hope the week goes by quickly and lots of hugs and kisses at the end of the week.

Stephanie said...

Hey that sounds like my day. Hang in there honey. It'll go by fast.